Eco-Friendly Electric Generators: A Cost-Effective and Sustainable Investment




Given the rising price of energy and the increasing concern for the environment, electric generator options are under fresh examination. Of these, eco-friendly versions appear to be the most valid, not only in terms of immediate costs, but also in terms of payback potential and the likely beneficial effect on an owner’s reputation and on the planet. This effect is what the payback period looks like when cutting-edge solar, wind, and hydro…

The Financial Case for Eco-Friendly Electric Generators

  1. Operating costs are reduced. Fossil fuels, like coal or oil, can be expensive and are subject to price swings. Renewable-energy generators, in contrast, can run off of sunlight, wind, or water, which are free and right here, right now. These machines are also much less complex than the nuclear, gas, or coal-burning plants that are our traditional energy sources, and they’re starting to look to the sun and the wind like our natural plants do. Against that backdrop, they’re a bargain.
  2. Financial incentives are offered by a number of governments and organizations to get people to start using alternative forms of energy. These forms of energy are still quite expensive (at least the technologies for harnessing them that are current as of 2005), so the main alternative to a direct appropriation towards renewable energy could be reimbursing developers for a good portion of the upfront costs. Even if the gambit is not successful in getting the market uptake of alternative energy machines desired in clean energy.
  3. Such gambits are called many things—they are “incentives,” for sure, and in the private sector they correspond to what is called giving a “tax credit” or just allowing a “deduction” from the income tax.
  4. The value of properties can be increased when they are equipped with eco-friendly energy systems, including generators. When these systems are part of a property, that property is usually considered to be of higher value. This is happening now, as there is an increasing demand for sustainable, and especially energy-efficient, homes and businesses.
  5. Green energy systems are a great way for a business to gain energy independence. They offer a means for businesses to insulate themselves somewhat from the problems caused by a power plant failure. Being out of power in certain areas can be quite a hardship during certain times of the year. A generator that runs quietly on a natural gas or propane allows the business to maintain a slightly more normal (or at least less harsh) environment for its staff in these troublesome times.
  6. Eco-friendly generators tend to have much more staying power than traditional generators do, primarily because they come with fewer parts that can break down and less opportunity for wear and tear. So whereas you might need to replace the brushes and springs on a traditional generator after a few years of using it, you might be able to eke a decade or more out of its eco-friendly cousin.

Environmental Benefits: A Win for the Planet

In addition to the monetary advantages, environmentally friendly electricity generators provide a wealth of benefits for the environment. They offer a much smaller carbon footprint by removing the necessity of using fossil fuels, which are a well-known contributor to the greenhouse effect. Eco-friendly electricity generators do not produce any kind of harmful emissions. This invariably leads to the conservation of cleaner air and water. In the grander scheme of things, this is a big win for the planet itself, as opposed to just being a boon for the generation using these generators and benefiting from the immediate cost savings.

Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Electric Generator

Which eco-friendly generator is right for you? The answer depends on many factors. For example, first decide how much power you need. Then look at available resources in your area—sun, wind, and water. Do you have a good site for a solar-panel array? Do people in your part of the world get much direct sunlight? What about wind? Could you put up a windmill? If your property borders a fast-running stream, a water turbine might be a good option. Finally, look at your budget and the likely payback periods for the various generator technologies. Then you can think about scaling up your renewable-energy system for the future, if need be.


Electric generators that are friendly to the environment do not only benefit the environment but are also good for saving you money in the long run. The reason is simple and inexorable: they work efficiently and at a cost lower than that of the fossil fuel-powered generators we have now. You may have a 100% renewable and clean energy system, but for the time being, as these reports make clear, you can exist quite well without it. If the goal is to make solar and wind power as inexpensive and easy to produce as possible, then there should be plenty of R&D funding going into appearance-minded eco-technology like energy-efficient buildings and renewable energy-powering smart grid systems.

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