What is Banana Chicken? Top Strong Banana Chicken Strains On The Fighting Field



Banana Chicken is always “hunted” by chicken enthusiasts because of its ability to throw impressive blows and fighting techniques that leave opponents unable to react in time. So what networks does this breed of chicken have? Which line? Let’s New88 Explore details about this type of chicken Please share this favorite battle in the following article!

Introducing Banana chicken

Banana Chicken also known as “eight trigram chicken” is known for its origin from Malaysia. With ivory-white or slightly brown fur and mane, it is quite easy to identify. Currently, this breed of chicken has become famous as it is “hunted” by many professional cockfighters. Depending on the detailed nuances of the cock, there are many names such as: Gray Banana, Fire Banana, etc. 

Not only does it stand out for its beautiful appearance, this breed of chicken is also highly appreciated for its impressive fighting ability. Each attack has strong force and fatal impact, making it difficult for opponents to predict. In addition, fighting cocks also possess endurance against attacks. 

Banana chicken networks are popular today 

To make choices that bring easy victory in the arena, you need to understand the popular chicken networks today. Specifically: 

Kim’s white chicken

The white Banana Chicken is known for its Metal element, which is also a characteristic that appears in the five elements. You just need to observe the chicken as a whole, including the mane, neck, and thigh feathers to quickly identify it. For this chicken’s life, it will be counterattacked by chickens with the Fire element such as: Fire Banana, Cashew Banana, Purple Banana.

Gray Banana Chicken

The gray chicken breed is also classified in the Metal element and impresses with its impressive fighting power. According to the evaluation of many cockers, this type of chicken has the same ability to play on the field as Gray God, Gray Messi, etc. However, this breed is not suitable for chickens with bare bones, so you need to pay attention. 

O Chuoi Chicken of Thuy network

Colored and wet chickens are often placed in the Water network. Players can easily recognize the external characteristics of this chicken network through the color of their feathers. Although his fighting ability is quite impressive, he is still overcome by Red Bananas and Cashew Bananas when on the field. 

Banana Chicken Fire Network Fire

Fire Banana chickens have beautiful burnt red feathers, making many chicken owners enjoy their impressive aesthetics. Not only do they impress with their attractive appearance, these chickens also have strong fighting blood and the ability to attack flexibly, causing opponents to fall in just a short time. But you need to be careful when confronting chickens with strong Water to avoid being countered. 

Chicken is brown in color with Earth color

Known as a rare feather color, the Earth element chicken has a characteristic brown feather color. Besides, they are also famous for their ability to deliver top blows that prevent their opponents from reacting in time. But when clashing with gray-feathered chickens, it is likely that the Earth chicken will lose its advantage. 

Chuoi chicken lines are highly appreciated by cockers 

Besides information about chicken destiny, you also need to understand clearly about the chicken breed that is highly appreciated by cockers today. Specifically:
See : New88 Thể Thao

Chickens have fire-colored feathers

Banana Chicken stands out with attractive, beautiful red and white feathers that make players excited as soon as they see it. In particular, when going out in the sun, the fur color becomes even more impressive. Not only that, the cock also has a fighting spirit, ready to defeat any opponent when it encounters it. 

Chickens have green legs

According to experienced chicken players, blue-legged chickens possess impressive and powerful kicking techniques. This fighting cock often has the ability to observe flexibly and quickly when delivering standard, fatal attacks that frighten opponents. 

Burnt Chicken with Bananas

Like its name, Banana chicken has brown feathers that look like burnt feathers, quite impressive. They are known for their confidence and strong spirit when on the field and are always ready to make their opponents stagger. 

Important notes to help Banana chickens play well in the yard 

In addition to the above information about Banana chickens, players also need to understand some of the following notes to help the chickens enter the field smoothly and improve their chances of winning. Specifically: 

Pay attention to taking care of fighting chickens properly 

To have strong fighting chickens, you need to pay attention to the chicken care regimen. Accordingly, cockers need to feed chickens a variety of foods such as beef, worms, fish, etc. In addition, fiber should be supplemented through vegetables. In particular, bettors need to pay attention to cleaning the barn and living space of the chickens to avoid diseases. 

Build a suitable chicken training regimen 

Chicken owners should let their chickens practice physical exercises regularly. This process will create durability and support strong, precise attacks that will knock the opponent down in a short time. 

Priority is given to fighting cocks in the afternoon 

If you want to win big when you go to the yard, you should choose the time to fight your chickens in the afternoon. Because at this time, the cock will have enthusiasm and good spirit to defeat the opponent easily. 

Above are some things to share about Banana chicken and currently popular chicken networks shared from New88. Hopefully, the cockfighters will get useful information about good fighting cocks to help the process of choosing the right cocks to play, improving the ability to win the bet easily. 

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