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Your vacations can be about relaxation and fun. But it can be fulfilling only when you encounter unique experiences. Destinations like Africa and the UK can starkly differ from each other, but each can make your holiday memories everlasting. You can crave coming back in search of more. However, planning can be a critical component of it. The beautiful African wilderness and wildlife can impress anyone. But you need to spend the right amount of time in the specific location for this. Organized packaged tours can take care of this.

Conversely, countries like the UK let you explore their magnificence independently because of proximity to various attractions and facilities. It can be easy to go on a campervan road trip there. So, where should you go on your vacation? Kapama Private Game Reserve is an ideal destination for an African safari, and London is best if you plan to explore the UK’s charm on a home-on-wheels.

  • Why Kapama Private Game Reserve?

This game reserve can introduce you to Africa’s much-talked-about Big Five and luxurious safari lodges. Enjoy the modern comforts at the lodge and step out with your guide to bask in the thrill of bush walks, game drives, and more. Kapama Game Reserve is a short distance from Greater Kruger. However, this side is protected by a fence. If you choose a three-day package for this game reserve, you can expect to spot buffalo, white rhinos, elephants, lions, and other animals. Lucky ones can also see native wild dogs in the bush. Giraffes, cheetahs, warthogs, and zebras can also appear. However, choosing a suitable travel month is essential to increase your chances of spotting the rare and exotic wildlife species here.

Some find August and September the best months because of the dry season. Animals tend to be more visible as they herd around water sources. Aside from them, you can also find fascinating scenery here, consisting of riverine bush, grassland, and savannah woodland against the backdrop of the Drakensberg mountains.

  • Why London?

You can get a flight from Johannesburg to London quickly. Hence, it can be an easy choice for an extended holiday. However, a city like London, UK, offers tourists more than urban comforts. You will soon realize this once you start your journey in a campervan. Companies like provide rental options. You can search with them. Hire one for trips around the city. In the town, you can explore most landmarks on foot or by public transport, such as the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, and the Natural History Museum.

After this, you can venture out in the campervan to say goodbye to the English countryside and explore Cornwall and its scenic appeal. You can take some time off at the historic town of Bath and the pre-historic monuments of Stonehenge. However, it doesn’t end there. Cadgwith fishing village, St. Ives town, and other attractions in the coastal route also deserve a close look. Like Cornwall, you can add different locations depending on your time and budget.

Whether you cover the best African and UK attractions in one long vacation or separately, the experience will be unforgettable. Each trip offers a set of adventures and discoveries tailored to your schedule and preferences. So, why not embark on these journeys for a genuinely diverse experience?

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