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Southern Tien Len is one of the most entertaining games of high class in the world New88. Is this game difficult for newcomers to play?

Things to note when playing Tien Len in the South

Although it is a game that attracts a large number of participants, you also need to keep in mind the following notes to avoid losing money and having bad experiences at the game portal.

Fake website New88

There are currently a number of fake bookmaker websites appearing on the market New 88 to profit from this bookmaker’s customers.

So the first thing you need to do is to be really alert and consider the rewards when deciding to join the site. The exact access links will usually be announced on the bookmaker’s fanpage or major information portals. Therefore, you can get accurate information from here without having to worry too much about fake links.

This is also one of the first steps to start a journey to become a millionaire from the South.

Bet levels can be adjusted

Normally, when starting an online game, especially Tien Tien Nam, the levels will be analyzed and arranged by the house so that players can experience it most conveniently.

However, this extreme level can be changed and depending on your own conditions as well as the level you want to experience, you can increase or decrease it. This operation will be done via the adjuster or some shortcuts on the game interface screen, so everyone can be completely assured that the bet level can be adjusted.

Time of a game

Normally, Southern English will end when 4 players have reached the end of their cards. However, this is to limit security risks as well as customer information security. Each regular game will have a specified time to end.

You need to pay close attention to this rule to avoid not playing any more money while losing and not being able to convince yourself. As brothers, you also need to look carefully at the time on the old clock panel of the game interface, without having to be too rigid with the pre-set waiting time right next to it.

Is Tien Len Southern easy to play?

Tien Len Southern is completely easy to play with the same size as traditional Tien Len. Each player will be dealt 13 cards, the cards are arranged according to suit, greater, straight, pair.

Normally, the game room will consist of four players. It’s extremely simple. All you need to do is access the game portal and choose a southern direction to start experiencing with the image quality and sound turning off each time. detail one.

Some small tips that many players need to keep in mind when participating is to carefully read the rules to limit violations of the game rules to avoid having your account locked.

In fact, many cases of accounts being locked and lost due to account-related issues have been recorded because of not clearly reading information from game regulations and important warnings.

Outstanding plus points of new88

Some plus points include the presence of investment images that are officially guided to every small detail using full HD graphics to help the player experience significantly increase.

On the other hand, the sounds included in the game are also specifically selected and carefully screened to help the experience, whether playing cards or playing the first card, give the player the most realistic feeling possible.

The last point to mention is that the extremely high security using the OTP code system to continuously encrypt customer information is a huge plus point highly appreciated by experts at this bookmaker. It can be seen that the house is ready to become the King of the current gaming floor.
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How reward points work at New88

Bonus points are earned in the house’s games New88 care will be converted at a certain price listed on the house’s notice boards and public information.

Normally, players will perform two main operations: withdraw money and deposit money. To put it more simply, cash will be converted into premium points to use for betting in game sales and after winning the amount of money as bonus points in game sales, the player can make a withdrawal transaction. That uses the amount in the account to be converted.

You need to note that sometimes some transaction methods with higher discounts will also affect the amount of money you can withdraw, so players need to be extremely sensitive when choosing payment options. suitable for you to carry out transactions smoothly and avoid unexpected situations.

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